Massage Therapy 

SMAC offers clinically based advanced neuromuscular, fascial, structural and sports oriented therapies.

Massage treatments will vary based on specific issues and what is found from the beginning assessment.

Massage treatment times: 60 minutes

Fees: $90.00

Appointments are required.

Cancellations within 24 hrs necessary to avoid fee.


Although massage Therapy is our focus, kinesiotaping is offered by a certified kinesiotaping practitioner (CKTP), as well as personalized stretching programs and wellness & fitness guidelines.

The question I often get – ”Does this stuff really work?” The answer is – YES! (when applied appropriately). The “just stick it where it hurts method” rarely yields affective results. Specific applications will yield specific results. SMAC has a certified Kinesiotaper (yes, there is a real certification for this taping method). As with any other “modality”, KT is another tool to use in your training protocol. It’s not an end all pain miracle, and is not meant for daily application in lieu of proper treatment for injury or discomfort.     

Fascial Therapies

Specific manual techniques are used to increase movement and hydration to the tissues and enhance comfortable movement. This is performed both passively and actively (so expect to actively participate).

Neuromuscular Therapy

Hands on techniques focused on specific areas to help improve the neurological function with the muscle (neuro-muscular). Some people call it "deep tissue therapy".


 A fabulous addition to treatments using glass cups and suction to increase vasodilation to tight areas--increases blood flow/nutrition, decreases metabolic waste build up and improves function.

SASTM (Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation)

Tissue is manipulated via a special tool to break down fascia like restrictions and scar tissue to facilitate healing and restoration of function to an area.


Many forms used and taught for home care maintenance.